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Wholesale Investment Properties In Tampa, Florida

Wholesale Investment Property Listings Tampa,Florida. Buy Investment Property at Pennies on the Dollar. Real Estate Investing at Low Cost & High Returns. View our Investment Property Tampa Lists, updated daily by Investway Group of Florida, Corp.. Start your Real Estate Investment Portfolio Today

Looking For Investment Properties In Tampa, Florida?

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Buying real estate investment properties in Tampa, or almost everywhere else in Florida, can be overwhelming, especially for starters. For some, it is hard enough to find a good deal. But once they find it (if they find it…), then it can get very easy and expensive to make mistakes especially when you are getting started. Buying materials, dealing with the rehab project, property maintenance, finding tenants, and several other factors that can deter even the most courageous investor. Partnering with an investment group like Investway can help allay the fears and anxiety about real estate investing and help you reach your financial goals. You can leverage on our knowledge of the industry, and the bulk of the work of investing in real estate can be handled for you, making it a lot easier to break into the market and enjoy returns without stress from our investment properties. Whether you are a first-time investor or you have a couple of properties under your belt, you can be part of Investway Group of Florida, Corp. and activate an additional safe and highly profitable income stream – it never gets too much!

Why Join Investway Group of Florida, Corp.?

We follow a three-step property acquisition protocol on all our investment properties before we call our partners to invest, this ensures we offer the right investment opportunity all the time.

Area Market Research

Tampa, Florida Area Market Research

We conduct an in-depth market research to understand what is selling and what is not so we can leverage for the benefits of our partners. We dive into a market segment that is making profit and leave a market that is tending towards a downward curve. It’s pretty simple, we don’t allow emotions, we focus simply on investment properties that would yield the best returns.

Great Investment Properties

Find Great Investment Properties In Tampa

One way by which we edge out other investment groups and deliver high returns to our clients is our ability to land the juiciest investment properties and offers in the market. If a property does not have a potential high market value, we’ll rather not look at it.

rigorous training

Rigorous Vetting

Before we furnish you with investment properties or real estate deals for your consideration, we must have filtered our options through a very rigorous acquisition process, giving you the peace of mind and assurance that you truly deserve. So, when you receive a deal from us, rest assured that there has being a great amount of research put behind that proposal and your time will be respected.



Buying 3 to 4 properties per year
Found a nice house for her family
Quits his job to do real estate investing full time

Not All Of Our Investment Properties Will Be Listed On Our Website!

We have some investment properties that come to us at such great value, that we don’t have time to list them before they are purchased.

These properties are available on our Preferred Buyers List. By signing up for our list, you will be the first to know when a new investment property in Tampa Area comes in! It’s free and we can remove you from the list at any time.

In addition, you can let us know exactly what you are looking for, and when a matching investment property becomes available we will let you know ASAP! Simply tell us what you’re looking for here!

Once you sign up for our Preferred Buyers list, you will immediately gain access to all available investment properties in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We offer Wholesale Investment Properties for everyone – From turn-key to handyman specials or foreclosure houses, and from bank-owned properties to REO real estate! If you are ready to buy an investment property in the Tampa, Florida area, look no further!

Wholesale Investment Properties In Tampa, Florida, And The Surrounding Areas