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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy terms stated here are part of the Terms of Use of the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. This Privacy Policy states and explains how the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. and our real estate partners treat all collected and received information and data through our websites, calls, and messages, as well as our official social media handles and profiles. This Privacy Policy is specifically designed for the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., and does not in any way or capacity to oversee the enterprise of any third party.

At the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., we store and make use of the personal information that you provide to us through our website, calls, messages, and social media channels in the course of your quest for the best and most suitable real estate investments from us. This personal information and data may include your name, email address, home/office address, and any other information regarding your choice of investment. The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., utilizes this information received to conduct efficient and tailored business operations, including seeking and searching for your preferred investment properties, evaluating your budget with the available investment properties, and contacting you when the specified investment properties are available. We will also use the personal contact information received to keep you informed about our updated Terms of Use. We may also establish communication via one of the provided contact information to inform you about other investment property options aside from the specified ones. The information received will also be used to tailor our top priority offers available at your location or nearby cities.

At the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., we don’t engage in the sales of collected personal information to Third Parties for any reason. The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., guarantees that your personal information will not be sold or shared with any third party except in the following cases and situations:

  1. When a piece of information is required to be revealed legally by any competent and recognized regulation, statute, rule, administrative or court order, ordinance, decree, or Subpoena. The sharing, in this case, will be determined in good faith by the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. team;
  2. When the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. is in the process of enforcing its operational procedures and policies, Terms of Use, the terms of this Privacy Policy, any other mutual agreement, or in a disciplinary action process;
  3. Information permitted to be shared by the provisions and statements of this privacy policy;
  4. The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., will determine in good faith to reveal any information to set straight any misleading information that is geared towards manipulation, deception, or a violation of law; or
  5. When specified at the data collection time.

When there is a merger and acquisition, sale, assignment, bankruptcy, or reorganization situation, we may share your information with the third parties involved in this process. We guarantee that your information will only be shared to facilitate the smooth delivery of the aforementioned situations or any other arrangement of some or all aspects of the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp.’s business or assets. “Nonpublic Personal Information” is the set of information and data particular about you that is received or obtained by the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. from you. We may obtain and retrieve Nonpublic Personal Information from online forms and surveys you fill, out and from transactions with the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., its partners, or advertisers. We will ensure we keep all Nonpublic Information unshared except as permitted by the provisions of this policy or as required by the law. We reserve the right to disclose all Nonpublic Personal Information received from you as well as other provided or obtained information as stated in this policy to our partners and third-party service providers that perform marketing or financial services on our behalf, with whom we have established business and marketing agreements.

In addition to the usage described above, the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. may also utilize the provided information to tailor our offerings, posts, and advertisements about investment deals and properties we believe may be of interest to you. When you provide us testimonials about your personal experience of our services, we may utilize such information provided to promote our services and boost our public relations and marketing efforts. We may also make use of the information you provide us through other means such as phone calls, emails, SMS, and any other means for our marketing materials.

When you visit our website without providing any login credentials or personal information, we collect limited technical data such as the IP address of the device being used. We also make use of cookies on our website as explained below: When you register as an investor on our website, we collect data about your choice of properties, frequently visited pages, location information, and investment option preferences. Your gathered records of the use of our website are the sole property of the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., and so we own the right to utilize such data and information for our marketing purposes, partnership, and membership efforts.

To serve our customers and visitors better, we make use of cookies, which are programmed text files placed on your hard drive by a web server to help individualize and provide the best experience on our website. Cookies are not programmed files designed to automatically run programs or deliver viruses to your working computer. They are files that are specially assigned to your computer, and can only be interpreted by the issuing web server of the domain visited. Our use of cookies is geared towards the improvement of our website and the provision of maximum experience for our visitors and customers.

In order for the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., to provide accurate location-based services, it may be expedient for us to collect, utilize, and share your location data, with no exception for the real-time location of your computer or device in use. Our location-based services may utilize Bluetooth, GPS, IP Address, a public-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot, and cell towers to determine your device location where applicable. These location data are collected anonymously in a form that does not identify you personally unless you provide consent otherwise to provide you with maximum location-based service experience. For instance, your device location may be used to pick and display investment properties close to the location of your device first. Some of the currently available location-based services may need your personal information to function optimally.

In a situation where we provide an outbound link to other websites, the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., will not be held accountable for the privacy policies and practices of these other websites. As we are only liable for activities and policies on our website, we encourage you to ensure that you read and understand the privacy policy statements on the external websites.

For maximum service experience, some pages and sections of our website are secured and can only be accessed through the creation of a User ID and Password. This User ID and password are required to gain access to the available deals and resources in protected sections on the website. You must keep your login details (User ID and Password) confidential and known to you only. You are liable to keep and secure your login details, as you’ll be held accountable for any activity that takes place on the website with your login credentials. You are prohibited from sharing your login details with third parties, and also from the utilization of your login details other than for smooth operations on our website in strict compliance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For quality assurance purposes, we employ service providers such as Google Analytics to bring the company to speed on the usage of our website and to measure our marketing efficiency. The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., Google, and other such service providers may make use of your IP address, Cookies, or any other available harm-free identifiers, other essential information from your device browser, and your website visits information such as page views and frequency to improve our website and service delivery, and as well provide you with tailored services and deals you show interest in overtime. To learn more about advertising networks and their policies, and how Google Analytics makes use of the information gathered from you for advertising and service customization purposes, go to and Google also offers a unique Google Analytics browser add-on that can enable web users with this add-on to prevent Google Analytics from collecting and utilizing their data. With the advancement of web technology, various web browsers now provide users with the “Do not track” option. At the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., your privacy is our top priority, so we do not track your web activities over time and across several other web platforms other than what is contained herein. We also ensure that our web platform is designed to restrict third-party service providers from collecting data from our website for other websites or for their company goals and purposes other than what is set forth in this privacy policy.

We are not responsible for third-party business and privacy policies, so be informed that the collection and utilization of data and information by social media platforms and applications are regulated by their respective privacy policies and terms of use. In light of this, please be informed that any information is given through the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. on social media pages and channels is governed by the practices and policies of such social media pages and channels. The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. may receive your information via social media web pages when you connect and post through social media, or even communicate with us via our social media channel. We may receive basic publicly available information and those made available by you via our social media channels such as profile names, gender, profile picture, etc. Any data or information we receive via social media will be treated and governed by the policies and statements set forth in this privacy policy.

The Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., is committed to strictly obeying all applicable laws and regulations concerning the collection, storage, and usage of information of individuals under the age of 18. We also strictly strive to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. We frown at the collection of information from minors who are under the age of 18. For this very reason, those who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to utilize our website for any purpose without close supervision from a parent or guardian. We have no intentions of collecting any information from individuals under the age of 18 or allowing such persons to register, make use of, or purchase investment properties via our website. If in any case, we learn that an individual under the age of 18 has provided information via our website or other channels, we will immediately delete permanently such information as soon as we get the chance to. When you perceive or believe that your minor under the age of 18 has submitted to us a piece of information without your consent, please reach out to us via the communication channels provided below. Once you pass our guardian/parent verification, we will cooperate with you to discuss the storage or usage of such information if any information was given at all.

As a sovereign registered organization, the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp., reserves the right to update or change the statements in this privacy policy at any given time. In the case of changes or updates to the statements in this policy, notification of the update will be made available on the website. Since these changes deal with your personal information in one way or the other, we encourage our customers to check frequently to review any change or statement update as soon as the notification is made known on the website.

Regardless of the statement and provisions of this policy or our Terms of Use, information collected will be disclosed as required in order to comply with the law and facially valid process or subpoena, stop or ease illegal activities, prevent information breaches, and enforce fraud protection.

The information collected from you may be kept and maintained by the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. permanently or deleted at any time at our discretion.

Security of data and information is a top priority to the Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. For this reason, we employ the best reasonable security measures to ensure that unauthorized access is prevented, data is accurately managed, and collected information is only used for specified purposes. We employ several technical and administrative measures tailored to protect your data and information from theft, loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or alteration. However, there is no 100 percent guarantee of safety and security when it comes to information transmission over the Internet or wireless networks. This means that, as much as we strive to provide maximum security for your information, there is no perfect guarantee of its safety during or after transmission. Therefore, any information transmitted is transmitted at your own risk.

The statement in this privacy policy was designed with the intent of complying with all legal requirements with no exception for the requirements of any jurisdiction with specific laws regarding the collection and utilization of personal information. If you are a resident of such jurisdiction, the statement contained in this privacy policy will be deemed to be amended to comply with such jurisdiction’s laws. In case there’s a conflict between the statements of this privacy policy and such privacy requirements under the said jurisdiction, this privacy policy is to be amended to suit and comply with all such legal requirements even after an update or change in this policy.

As a customer-centered company, we have designed and implemented several reasonable safety policies and precautions to safeguard your personal information from theft and unauthorized access, sharing, and improper usage. Those whom CCPA applies to have the following listed additional rights: Deletion Rights: You retain the right to request that any of your personal information be removed or permanently deleted. This is subject to some legal exceptions such as the U.S. state and local as well as non-U.S. laws and regulations. Disclosure and Access rights: You retain the right to request a full disclosure of our collection and utilization of your personal information over the last twelve months. Such information that can be requested for disclosure includes:

  • Collected personal information categories;
  • The categories of data sources from which the personal information was obtained;
  • The business purpose for which the personal information was obtained;
  • The set of third parties that the personal information is shared with;
  • The specific sets of personal information that has been obtained and collected; and
  • Knowing if any of your personal information has been disclosed to any third party, and if yes, the
  • set of information received by each third party.

Zero Discrimination: As a customer-centered company, we do not discriminate against those who choose to exercise their rights under the CCPA by denying them service or offering a different charge rate or different level of quality service. How to exercise your rights: If you’re considering exercising your rights under the CCPA or thinking of accessing this notice in an alternative means, we implore that you submit a request yourself via one of the communication channels we have made available in the Contacting Us and Information Update section below. If you have any questions regarding exercising your rights under this policy or any needed clarity regarding how we process your personal information, please submit yourself or via your authorized representative a request via any of the communication channels set forth in this policy. We will do well to confirm that we have received your request, as well as request for any additional information that will be of help in processing your request. Our request verification is done by matching the information you provide in the request to that contained in our storage. Depending on how sensitive and risky the request is, we may request additional information or your investor login credentials for full safety verification. You may assign a representative to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf backed with a signed agreement to prove the authority of such representative to make requests on your behalf. The representative may also be verified using the verification process and procedures explained above. Whenever there is a request from a customer, we will endeavor to respond appropriately within forty-five (45) days after the receipt of such request. And in any case, where we cannot comply or fulfill the request, we will send you a written note detailing the reasons for such a decision.

Visitors and Investors can contact us with any questions, especially regarding the accuracy of the provided information. We work daily to ascertain the correctness of the information collected and maintained. When you update us about a piece of incorrect information, we will update the data as timely as possible. You can contact us for an update via the following means and mediums: Send Mail to 4532 W. Kennedy Blvd.. Call or message us at(813) 981-1260 © 2021 Investway Group of Florida, Corp. of Florida, Corp. All rights reserved.

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