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Wholesale properties in Clearwater at the Investway Group

It is generally believed that the early years are always the hardest when it comes to real estate investment or buying wholesale properties in Clearwater or anywhere in Florida. The reason is simple – many have unanswered questions that shape their investment decision. Acquiring wholesale properties doesn’t have to difficult for any investor who chooses to play smart rather than hard. You can get ready-made wholesale properties with real estate investment companies like the Investway Group without breaking a sweat.

All you need to get started on the right path is to be armed with the right and adequate investment information. Many real estate investors make use of different strategies and investment techniques to achieve their investment goals. One of the most profitable investment strategy used in the United State and in the city of Clearwater is the acquisition of wholesale properties.

Investing in wholesale properties in Clearwater and Florida at large can be highly lucrative when the investor is armed with the proper training, coaching and information from experts. There are many questions that surround dealing and investing in wholesale properties that need to be answered to allow many investors to see the beauty of the investment strategy. Good wholesale properties in Clearwater and generally in the United States are a rare commodity in the market, so our team of experts will be reviewing some top questions investors have about wholesaling real estate. Enjoy!

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Top Questions Investors Ask About Wholesale Properties

What are wholesale properties?

In Clearwater or anywhere else, wholesale properties are real estate properties that are sold to real estate investors at a discount, which are often rehabbed for flipping or rental. Wholesale properties are acquired by wholesaling investment companies and then sold majorly to investors and not retail homeowners. These properties come cheap and have been verified and checked by a team of experts with long years of experience in the real estate market. It is the safest way to begin the journey of real estate investment due to its low risk.

How much discount can you get when purchasing wholesale properties?

Mostly, the discount investors get depends on the property, location, and market trend. The discount range from 25% to 50% based on how favourable these conditions are. Another deciding factor is after work. Some wholesale properties require just a good clean up, while some require a full rehab and repair.

What are distressed properties?

Distressed properties are homes that are typically being sold for below their fair market value. Distressed properties are properties mostly in need of repair, upgrades, or rehab. Distressed properties are also sometimes properties sold by panic sellers who find themselves in ugly situations like foreclosures or divorce. Panic sellers always need to sell fast, and so they sell below market value to wholesale dealers, who then lists them at huge discounts as wholesale properties. This is a very common trend in the city of Clearwater.

Can the price of wholesale properties be negotiated?

The answer will always be yes. However, all negotiations should be based on hardcore market facts. It is always advisable to deal with experienced real estate wholesaling company such as the Investway Group to get the best deals in Clearwater.

How do I go about the repairs?

When it comes to knowing how to handle the repairs, it is advised by our team of experts that you try as much as possible to get quotes from different contractors in writing. Getting a good general contractor with you helps you solve your repair problems since they can easily tell you what needs to be done and the cost implications. When you purchase wholesale properties in Clearwater, it is advised you get a general contractor to supervise the repair and rehab process except you are one.

What is the “fix and flip” strategy?

The fix and flip strategy are when investors purchase wholesale properties from wholesaling companies like the Investway Group, perform upgrades and repairs to improve the value, and then sell it off afterwards for profit.

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How long does Fix and flip take?

Generally for wholesale properties in Clearwater offered by the Investway group, fix and flip property takes about 30-40 days to resell from the time of purchase. However, properties with higher returns sometimes take longer than that since more than average upgrades will be needed.

How much research is done on the front end?

Most wholesaling company such as the Investway group in Florida performs thorough research, analysis and due diligence before they acquire wholesale properties in Clearwater or in Florida at large for investors. However, it is generally advised that no matter what others have done, investors should still make some research since that is where their treasure will be tied. Investors must know that several issues arise from performing due diligence, so it is advisable you work with companies that guarantee accurate analysis like the Investway Group.

The Investway Group is one of the topmost sources to acquire profitable and ready-made wholesale properties in Clearwater and Florida at large. We provide real-time data and analysis, offer our experience and expertise, and provide huge discounts on investment properties. Our experts have proven track record which has been gathered over a decade in the Florida market. If you’re looking for wholesale properties to boost your investment portfolio, the Investway Group is the right stop for you.

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