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You can find good investment real estate with Investway Group, Tampa, FI

Every successful investor understands how essential it is to find investment real estate. At the very least, understanding how to find good investment real estate is the foundation for a successful investment career.

Many investors have learnt how to find investment real estate with surgical precision, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t as well. As long as you carry out the necessary research, keep up the hard work and persistence, finding excellent investment properties shouldn’t be as complicated as rocket science. It is all about developing a system and pattern that works for you and fits your investment goals. Many investors have been investing in great deals for years, so, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the strategies needed in finding excellent investment properties.

Successful investors make finding investment real estate look easy, developing the strategy that works best for their goals, without using the standard platform known by every common man – MLS. Which brings about the question: how can investors make finding good investment real estate stress-free and constant without the MLS? You can start easy by requesting for good investment real estate properties from Investway Group, Tampa, Florida.

Why Not The MLS? 

MLS is a great tool and platform for investors to reference when seeking their next deal. The primary purpose of the MLS (Multiple Listings Service) is to explore and identify real estate properties for sale in a specific market. Some investors have got a great deal of success seeking out good investment real estate through the MLS, and some have branched out to other strategies and means. You must know that the MLS is not the only available option for investors to find profitable investment real estate, but a small piece of the possible deal-finding methodology in the real estate industry.

You must broaden your horizon if you are interested in becoming a great investor, and not relying solely on the MLS for finding excellent real estate properties. While the MLS is a great tool that shouldn’t be neglected altogether, it is, however, a platform that should be used to complement a more extensive strategy. This strategy is because those that rely solely on the MLS limits the number of profitable deals they are exposed to. For this very reason, we have compiled three great methods for finding great investment real estate for success-oriented investors. And you also request for a list of Investway Group investment real estate properties in Tampa, Florida.

How To Find Excellent Investment Real Estate In Your Area

Learning how to find excellent investment properties requires no technical expertise but forward-thinking and due diligence. You must know that the more you are familiar with your investment location, the easier it will be to learn how to find great deals. An unparalleled understanding of a local market means the availability of more real estate options. There are diverse options available for investors looking for good deals, and the secret sauce is knowing where to look and how to get there. The following three techniques have worked for successful local investors, and we believe it will work for you as well.


Real estate is a people business. The relationships and circles developed during your investment career is non-arguably your most valuable asset. You must create a working relationship with people, both inside and outside the real estate industry. You will be far surprised to know how many people know about good deals around them. It is always in your best interest to make your intention known to your network. Never hesitate in telling them you are in search of profitable investment real estate. There is a high possibility that someone you know, know someone interested in selling a great investment property.

Direct Mail

In a world full of emails and text messaging, you can comfortably say that handwritten letter has become antiquated. People have become very familiar with the immediate nature of correspondences sent via the internet on mobile devices. However, for an active search, it is essential to understand the importance of direct mailing. Sellers are more inclined to respond to a mail directed personally to them in such a way that triggers an emotional response, rather than the generic one. So you must develop a method that helps you direct mails at people intimately, which is known for yielding consistent positive result.

Drive For Dollars

This conventional method of driving through the neighborhood to look for good investment real estate might sound odd and outdated; however it is known to effective result till date. As the name implies, driving for dollars will have real estate investor’s physical drive through neighborhoods in search of investment properties.

The upside is that investors only get to drive through areas that fit their investment goals. This strategy helps eliminate excess features that are not suitable for and providing for an investor’s objectives. The investor gets to see the property before making an advancement, which limits the chances of failure in the industry.

There are other methods of finding good investment real estate asides the above listed, like taking a trip to the local courthouse, working with financial agencies that deal in the mortgage. There are diverse methods available for finding good investment real estate; however, for a successful investment career, it is advised that an investor needs to pay particular consideration to the property owners themselves. That is, finding motivated sellers is equivalent to finding motivated, good investment real estate.

However, studies shows that successful investors in the U.S real estate industry has often worked with real estate companies like Investway Group in Tampa, Florida to get their highly profitable investment real estate properties. What are you still waiting for? Click here to request for highly profitable Tampa properties now!

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