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Fixer-upper homes in Tampa available for
great price at the Investway Group

Whether you love or hate them, it is a known fact that Chip and Joanna Gaines made a lasting impact on the real estate industry. Recently in the real estate industry, many people are now convinced that fixer-uppers are not money pits but opportunities in disguise. Fixer-upper homes in Tampa does not only help the investor save a lot of cash, but it also helps the investor personalize their investment properties to their tastes. 

Indeed, fixer-uppers are great for profit-oriented investors, most notably those interested in long-term cash flow properties. Fixer-upper homes in Tampa make up incredible investments for investors who know what they are doing. However, some difficulties are associated with the properties. The primary problem experienced by many investors is the inability to find the perfect fixer-upper homes in Tampa that fit their investment goals and budget.

We’ve carried out the background work for you at the Investway Group. You can request for Fixer-upper homes that match your goals here

What Are Fixer Upper Homes In Tampa?

Fixer-upper homes often called handyman homes are distressed homes that require upgrades, repairs, or remodeling. Fixer-upper homes in Tampa are attractive to many investors due to the asking price, which is ridiculously lower than that of traditional turnkey properties in Tampa. This low price is due to the repairs and upgrades that the buyer will still have to carry out after the purchase to meet up for use. 

Generally, there are often old houses that need repairs and remodeling in many neighborhoods. There are currently thousands of them in Tampa, Florida, all of which require varying degrees of upgrades, cosmetics, or repairs. These repairs and upgrades range from properties to properties, like structural issues, roofing faults, window fixing, painting, flooring, etc. 

Our years of experience trading in fixer-upper homes in Tampa suggests that there are no perfect fixer-upper homes for every investor. Fixer-uppers can be a total nightmare or an open goldmine for investors. It is the responsibility of the investor to find balance and secure properties that fits their financial goals. 

This is the reason why the Investway Group has simplified every information needed for quality investment decisions on every of our fixer-upper homes in Tampa. Request for Investway Group fixer-upper homes now, and get a detailed guiding report. 

The Ideal Fixer Upper Homes In Tampa, Florida

Smart investors are more concerned about the future rather than the present. Excellent fixer upper homes in Tampa are homes that everyone will want in the future, but not now. Many house investors prefer to buy homes in a good or near-perfect condition that’s ready for occupancy or direct sale. Many beginners and inexperienced investors prefer these properties over fixer-uppers or old houses because of the repairs and cosmetics required. In Tampa, Florida, most of these turnkey properties often sell with the competition, which is generally bad for investments. 

Fixer-upper homes in Tampa, on the other hand, provides investors with low purchasing cost and the opportunity to fine-tune the property to fit their investment taste. A good fixer-upper is a vast investment goldmine, capable of yielding much more profits for investors who know what they are doing than traditional turnkey real estate properties. The primary concern for an investor interested in Fixer-upper homes is the ability to accurately evaluate the condition of a handyman property, which proves difficult for many. 

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How To Evaluate The Conditions Of Fixer Upper Homes

Evaluating the conditions of fixer-uppers are quite essential to the profit projections. Many fixer-uppers are always in a tricky situation that requires an expert or an experienced professional to analyze. As an investor, you need to understand what cosmetic problems are and those that are more fundamentals. We have highlighted below some major cosmetics problems and significant repairs. 

Cosmetics Fixes

Floor finishing, laying of tile or carpet, fixing broken windows, Replacing doors, installation of fans and new lighting features, patching walls, stripping wallpapers and painting, Exterior painting, repairing or reinstalling kitchen cabinets, replacing baseboards, etc.  

Major and Expensive repairs

Reroofing, filling driveways, sidewalks or steps with concrete, replacing plumbing system and sewer lines, thorough window replacement, repairing electrical services, shoring up the foundation, building garages, replacing HVAC systems, complete kitchen remodels, bath remodels, etc. 

Not all fixer upper homes in Tampa requires an equal degree of repairs and fixing. This is more reason why you must consider your investment budget and goals as an investor.

At the Investway Group, we have simplified the search process by offering tailored search options for those interested in fixer-uppers in Tampa, Florida. They can now quickly request properties that fit their investment budget and goals without breaking a sweat. 

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