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Are you thinking of kick-starting a career in the real estate industry? Wholesaling is the surest way to success. If you’ve wanted to pursue an investment career in the property investing industry but don’t know where to start or have enough funding power, wholesaling investment properties is a good way to go. It is one of the surest ways the most successful real estate investor in Odessa has broken and established themselves in the industry.

However, you must realize early enough that the wholesaler’s motto is to buy low and sell low. Wholesaling investment properties is not the fastest route to amassing real estate wealth and goodies, however, it is one sure way of getting there. Wholesaling investment properties in Odessa and the United States at large is the process of getting a property/house under contract and then assigning that contract to another interested buyer.

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What Is A Wholesale Deal?

A wholesale deal is an ancient real estate strategy that involves an investor facilitating a deal between a motivated seller and interested buyer. In other words, wholesaling investment properties is the process of an investor acting as a middle man or deal-catalyst between a buyer and a seller. Wholesaling investment properties involves the seller wanting to sell without having to go through the hassle of the real estate market, and yet wants to get a fast and valuable deal, and then offering the property under contract to an investor to sell.

The Investor then acts as the owner of the property on the basis of the contract, and then sells the property to an interested buyer, who might be on his buyer’s list. Wholesalers are known to seek out juicy and highly profitable deals that can be easily sold to buyers and investors at a slightly higher price. This is one of the many reasons why many new and smart investors in the real estate market prefers to work with wholesaling investment firms when sourcing for investment properties. Study shows that most successful investors in Florida and the city of Odessa broke into the market with the number 1 real estate wholesaler in Florida.

Wholesaling Investment Properties In Four Steps

Now that you have a basic knowledge about wholesaling investment properties, you must be interested in knowing how you can break into the industry successfully. Wholesaling investment properties isn’t rocket science, however, it is needed that you master each steps for maximum success. In Odessa, FL. for example, those who carry out their due diligence and quality research, and works diligently on improving their communication, negotiation, and marketing skills often succeed more than their counterparts in the real estate wholesaling industry. If you’re up for this challenge, check out the following success-guaranteed steps in wholesaling investment properties:

Find a Property

The number one goal of wholesaling investment properties is finding cheap properties that are way below market value for resale at market value or higher value. The most proven method of getting investment properties like this, is by finding motivated sellers through quality marketing.

Build a Buyers List

There is no point if you find highly profitable properties without those who will buy them. The success of a wholesaler or wholesaling firm depends largely on the quality of properties they find, and on the number of empowered buyers they have on their list. Your surest way of building a buyers list is through active networking and updated marketing campaigns.


Your profitability in this industry depends greatly on your negotiating skills. You need to know how to make the necessary research, calculations, and get sellers to part away with their precious property at a reasonable price that is below the market value.

Close the Deal

The whole process doesn’t end with knowing how to negotiate. You must be able to convince your seller that you are getting the property under contract. You must also be able to assure the seller that you’ll get the property sold competitively. Once you do everything right from the very beginning, you can be rest assured of your profits once you get the buyers to close the deal by paying.

To be successful in wholesaling investment properties, you must have a solid grasp of how the process works. Be sure you carry out your due diligence, improve your communication, negotiation, and marketing skills, and be cautious when signing and assigning contract. To learn wholesaling in the city of Odessa or Florida at large, you can check out the Investway Group – number 1 wholesaling firm in Florida.

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