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Wholesale properties in Dunedin for sale

Wholesale properties in Dunedin are now one of the fastest, easiest and surest ways for new investors to break into the Dunedin real estate market. It has been known generally in the real estate world as a sure means of acquiring top profitable investment properties for smart investors. Wholesale properties are known to help investors buy their investment properties at a huge discount in order to sell at a relatively higher price, which is the golden rule of profitability.

The concept of wholesale properties is so attractive to both new investors and real estate wholesalers who are just breaking into the real estate market. It is attractive to investors because it helps them to save time, effort, and money. They no longer need to venture into the tiring search of investment properties for their investment goals. It is also very attractive and lucrative for wholesalers as it doesn’t require much capital or effort to achieve success.

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What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling in real estate is the process through which an individual or a company [Wholesaler] acquires a contract from the property seller and assigns that same contract to an investor or end buyer. It is generally considered one of the best short-term investment strategies in the real estate market. The properties acquired during the deal and then sold to the investor or end buyer are called wholesale properties.

In simple terms, wholesaling in real estate occurs when individuals or companies like the Investway Group find properties at huge discounts and draws them under contract to buy from a motivated seller. The Wholesaler drops some money as a guarantee of their business intentions; the Wholesaler then seeks investors like you who are interested in ready-made profitable investment properties. They then sell the wholesale properties to investors like you at a considerable discount.

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Best Places To Find Wholesale Properties In Dunedin

In Dunedin, the major key to success when dealing with wholesale investment properties is finding the right deal and acquiring it when the opportunity surfaces. As an investor, if you don’t know where to find good wholesale properties in Dunedin or Florida at large, we will tell you what you need to know in this post.

Local real estate meetings

Networking is key when it comes to finding wholesale properties in Dunedin. Wherever you may find yourself as an investor, there’s a high probability that there is a local real estate investment club around you. These club meetings can be used to get the best deals in your locality regardless of your experience and knowledge.


There are classified sections in newspapers and online portals and platforms like Craigslist, where some specific advertisements are made. Even in this internet era, there are still some companies and industries that work with classified ads, and one of those is the real estate market. You will be shocked that most sellers still prefer to do it in the old and conventional way.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail still remains one of the excellent ways of finding good wholesale properties in Dunedin. Direct mail can be custom-made to suit your investment goals without spending so much. It lets you narrow in on distressed homeowners in the area and affords you the opportunity of acquiring cheap houses in the area.

Social Media

Any business that wants to remain sustainable in this age must reckon with the power of social media. The benefits of networking through social media can never be over-emphasized. People connect through social media these days than they do in real life. So also, they initiate many business transactions through this platform. It is always a great and sure strategy for investors to have this option as one of their strategies for acquiring wholesale properties in Dunedin.

Local marketing

It is a fallacy that you have to spend thousands of dollars to find the best wholesale properties in Dunedin. Sometimes all you need to leverage on is local marketing. Many wholesaling companies like the Investway group still make use of signs, local directories, and marketers to market their wholesale properties. If you are interested in wholesale properties in a specific location, then you must consider local marketing asides working with wholesaling companies like the Investway Group in Dunedin.

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