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Wholesale Houses at discounts not found anywhere but the Investway Group

There are over one hundred and twenty thousand investment properties and opportunities in Tampa, Florida. And fortunately for smart investors, just about 2 percent of those opportunities are listed on public domains for sale. The median property price is high, ranging from above two hundred dollars, with many investors cashing out an average of over sixty-thousand dollars. 

There are currently about a hundred thousand landlords and rental properties in Tampa, bay Area. There are diverse foreclosures and thousands of REO properties. In short, the real estate market in Tampa, Florida, can accommodate as many investors as possible, with an increase in available wholesale houses for investors. 

Some of these properties are not suitable for investors who are long-term oriented; however, there is those ideal for long-term investors. These suitable investment properties are mostly referred to as wholesale houses because top wholesalers like the Investway Group have acquired them. 

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Why Invest In Tampa Bay Area Wholesale Houses

Tampa is currently the fastest growing city in the state of Florida. Fortunately for occupants and investors, the job growth rate in Tampa exceeds that of the national average. However, though the job growth rate is high, the cost of living is still 23% below the national average. This percentage translates to a high occupancy rate, which signifies a clear road for rental property investors. Housing resale prices are on a high and translates to high profitability for fix and flip investors. 

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Investway Perfect Wholesale Houses For Investment Purposes In Tampa

At the Investway Group, we provide top-notch investment properties to real estate investors all over the world who are interested in enjoying the benefits of the Tampa real estate market. Our investment portfolio is full of highly discounted wholesale houses, which includes discount homes, foreclosed properties, REO properties, and investment homes for sale, commercial properties for sale, discount multi-family properties, and many others. 

We search and acquire insanely discounted wholesale houses and offer those properties to our network of investors to fulfill their investment objectives. We provide investors with golden investment opportunities that are rare in the market to assist in their real estate investment journey. 

We have primarily simplified our process, making investment easy and fun for investors. We make use of strong marketing, strategic networking and partnership, and excellent sourcing methods to acquire the best deals in Tampa, Florida, for our registered investors. 

With the Investway Group, worry not about not finding the right property for your investment goals in Tampa. We carry out custom search designed based on your criteria and requirements. And we also provide detailed and well-informed suggestions based on colossal experience trading in the Tampa Bay Area real estate market. 

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Why Join Our Exclusive Investor List?

Still not convinced that you should invest in Tampa investment properties? Or not confident about partnering with the Investway to get the best deals in Tampa, Florida? Then, let’s give you a recap of why you should contact us today for Tampa wholesale houses

Exclusive Off-market deals: We provide deals that are not available for the general public, thereby eliminating competition, which gives room for over-pricing. Over-pricing is terrible for real estate investment, so we help you make more profit on your investment properties through our exclusive off-market wholesale houses

Stress-free Information and Acquisition: At Investway Group, our dedicated team is committed to serving you and getting you the best deals without you break a sweat. We email you the contracts with all the necessary information needed for investment decisions. 

Top-market Discount: Our wholesale houses are sourced at meager prices. We provide you properties that are below market prices to allow for your maximum profitability. 

Time and Money Saving: Acquiring profitable real estate deals in Tampa can be likened to rocket science for many investors – time and money consuming. With the Investway Group wholesale houses, you can now save thousands of dollars and weeks by joining our investors’ list. All you need to do is focus on your money and the deals, while we do the dirty work of finding them. 

Zero Registration Fees: No cost or hidden fee is required to join the exclusive list of the Investway Group wholesale investors. 

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